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API Terms Prometeo chain system

These API Terms of Service (referred to as the "API Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement between you, whether an individual or an organization, accessing or utilizing the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API (referred to as the "Developer" or "you") and Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD, a company organized under the laws of its jurisdiction ("Prometeo"). These API Terms govern your access to and use of the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. By clicking "Signup," "I agree," or similar language to establish an account or by accessing or using the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, you indicate your acceptance of these API Terms, as well as our Terms of Service (available at https://prometeochain.com/terms-of-service) ("General Terms"), and any additional Prometeo policies. Unless otherwise defined in these API Terms, capitalized terms have the same meanings as in our General Terms.

If you intend to utilize the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API on behalf of an organization, you must agree to these API Terms on behalf of that organization or refrain from accessing or using the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. By accessing or using the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, you confirm your acceptance of these API Terms on behalf of the said organization. You represent and warrant that you possess the requisite authority to bind the organization to these API Terms; otherwise, you must not access or use the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

1. Definitions

For the purpose of these API Terms, capitalized terms shall hold the following meanings:

1.1 "App Marketplace" refers to any platform or repository, including the Prometeo App Marketplace, that hosts code or applications capable of accessing or utilizing the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

1.2 "Confidential Information" refers to (a) information related to your compliance with Section 3.2 (Security) shared with Prometeo by you, and (b) information shared by Prometeo, such as code, inventions, User Data, technical details, and financial data, that is accessed or disclosed by you through the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, and which a reasonable person would understand to be confidential or proprietary.

1.3 "Developer App" refers to a web or software application developed by you, which interacts with or utilizes the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

1.4 "Developer Marks" encompass all trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos used to identify your products or services.

1.5 "Effective Date" signifies the earlier of (a) the date on which you agreed to these Terms, or (b) your initial access or use of the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

1.6 "Internal Use" pertains to your access and utilization of the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API for purposes such as testing, development, and operation of a Developer App for your organization's internal business objectives, as outlined in these API Terms. This usage excludes making the Developer App available to third parties, whether for a fee or free of charge, without explicit written authorization from Prometeo.

1.7 "Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API" comprises any application programming interface, along with accompanying documentation, source code, API SDKs, scripts, buttons, app keys, access tokens, executable applications, and other associated materials offered by Prometeo, accessible through its developer website or by Users, Customers, Administrators, or Drivers.

1.8 "Prometeo Marks" encompasses all trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos used to identify Prometeo or its products or services.

1.9 "Prometeo Policies" encapsulates all policies and requirements specified on Prometeo's official websites or in documentation provided by Prometeo, which may be subject to modifications over time. This includes, but is not limited to, Prometeo's Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and the guidelines found in the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API documentation.

1.10 "User" refers to any individual or entity that uses a Developer App.

1.11 "User Data" encompasses any data collected, accessed, transmitted, or otherwise processed by or in connection with your use of the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

2. Purpose and License

2.1 Application of API Terms

These API Terms dictate your rights to access and use the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. By accessing or using the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, you signify your commitment to adhere to these API Terms, the General Terms (when applicable), and all relevant Prometeo Policies.

2.2 Usage Limits

You acknowledge that Prometeo may impose limitations on the number of transactions facilitated through the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. These limits may be established and modified at Prometeo's sole discretion.

2.3 Limited API License

Subject to the conditions outlined in these API Terms, including the limitations stated in Section 3 of these API Terms, Prometeo hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license during the term of these API Terms to access and invoke the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. This license is intended solely for the purpose of testing, developing, implementing, and operating Developer Apps exclusively for Internal Use by your organization.

It is acknowledged and agreed that you may not distribute any Developer App through any App Marketplace or make it available to third parties without prior written authorization and consent from Prometeo. Such authorization is at the sole discretion of Prometeo. To seek approval for distributing your Developer Apps to third parties or within any App Marketplace, please contact Prometeo at developer@prometeochain.com. Notably, the production and/or distribution of Developer Apps may necessitate your acceptance of additional terms and conditions.

2.4 Performance Data

You hereby grant Prometeo a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide right to gather, utilize, and disseminate data related to the utilization of and interactions with the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API (referred to as "Performance Data"). This data will be employed to enhance, analyze, operate, and optimize the performance of the relevant Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. Prometeo may also generate and distribute reports and materials concerning the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API.

2.5 Feedback

If you provide any feedback regarding the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, including identifying potential enhancements or issues, you hereby transfer to Prometeo all rights, title, and interest in such feedback. Prometeo retains the freedom to use such feedback without the obligation to make payment or impose restrictions.

2.6 Reservation of Rights

Subject to the limited licenses explicitly specified in these API Terms, you are granted no rights to any portion of the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API or any other Prometeo intellectual property. Prometeo and its licensors retain complete ownership of and rights to the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API. While Prometeo may provide support for the Prometeo Chain system KZ LTD API, it is not obliged to offer training, support, or technical assistance directly Except for the arbitration provisions herein, Developer and Motive agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the arbritage courts located in AIFC Financial Services Framework Regulations for resolution of any disputes arising out of or relating to these API Terms.

2.7 Modifications

Prometeo Chain System KZ LTD ("Prometeo") reserves the right to modify or release subsequent versions of the Prometeo APIs and may require developers to use those subsequent versions. Notice of such modifications will be provided unless necessary for security or legal reasons, in which case developers will have a reasonable amount of notice to migrate to the updated APIs.

Developers acknowledge that the prior version of the Prometeo API may cease to work or may no longer function in the same way once a subsequent version is released. Continued use of the Prometeo APIs following a new release constitutes acceptance of any modifications. Prometeo holds no liability for changes or adverse effects resulting from them.

2.8 Similar Products

Prometeo may engage in the development, production, marketing, and sale of products and services similar to or competitive with a developer's app. These API Terms do not limit Prometeo's ability to develop, produce, market, or sell such products and services.

3. Developer Restrictions and Responsibilities

3.1 Privacy

Developers agree to have an appropriate privacy policy in their apps, outlining the collection, use, and sharing of personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information. User data must be processed in compliance with this privacy policy and relevant data protection laws.

Developers are responsible for informing users that they are accountable for the privacy, security, and integrity of collected user data. Necessary authorizations for data collection, usage, or sharing must be obtained.

3.2 Security

Developers are required to maintain safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, use, and disclosure of user data. Confidentiality and security of all credentials, including user credentials, must be maintained. Encrypted network connections should be used for data transmission. Additional security measures may be mandated by Prometeo.

Developers must promptly report unauthorized access or loss of user data to Prometeo and assist in remediation efforts. Developers will coordinate security breach responses with Prometeo.

3.3 Prohibited Actions

Developers are prohibited from violating Prometeo's Acceptable Use Policy, reverse engineering the API, altering intellectual property notices, sublicensing the API, and collecting excessive user data.

Developers may not make false statements about their app, use user data for purposes other than their own internal use, publish or distribute user data to third parties, process user data to create derivatives, or create substitutes for Prometeo products.

3.4 Responsibility for Developer App

Developers are solely responsible for their app's content, development, operation, and support. Motive's endorsement of the app must not be implied without prior consent.

3.5 Open Source

Developers may not subject any part of the Prometeo API to open-source licenses that require disclosure, distribution in source code form, or licensing for derivative works.

3.6 Responsibility for API Keys

API keys and access credentials must not be shared with third parties unless approved by Prometeo. Developers are responsible for all activities under shared credentials.

4. Confidentiality

Confidential information may be shared between Prometeo and developers. The receiving party must protect this information and use it only for the purpose of these API Terms.

5. Developer Warranties

Developers warrant that provided information is accurate, and they have the right to operate and promote their app, use the Prometeo API, and enter into these API Terms.

6. Warranty Disclaimer

The Prometeo API and services are provided "as is." Prometeo disclaims warranties and does not guarantee specific outcomes.

7. Indemnification

Developers will indemnify and hold Prometeo harmless from claims related to API usage, breach of terms, infringement, and data collection.

8. Limitation of Liability

Prometeo's liability is limited to certain amounts. Personal injury, death, or property damage claims are disclaimed.

9. Term and Termination

API Terms remain in effect until terminated by either party. Prometeo may terminate for various reasons.

10. Disputes

Disputes will be resolved informally or through arbitration. Some exceptions apply, and the agreement to arbitrate may be opted out of.

11. General

Prometeo may modify the terms, but material changes will be notified. These API Terms constitute the entire agreement, and notices must be sent according to the provided addresses. The assignment of rights requires consent. These API Terms are governed by AIFC Financial Services Framework Regulations law.