Secure your Smart Home with Prometeo

Our technology smart home-enabled Blockchain affords privileged Blockchain solutions to the owners for controlling or tracking their smart home to get rid of hazards in terms of providing impeccable access to a smart device, immutable, high security, and enabling other parties to access specific areas without allowing them for full access

Smart Home with IOT-Blockchain Solutions Provider

Real-time Data

Our blockchain platform will perform prompt actions to safeguard the home from damage. Our use case helps owners track or control their home devices when they are out. Our intent of this IOT platform is to offer the device owner a practical application that renders an extensive, immutable log and permits easy device access deployed in various domains. We build a smart contract with efficient blockchain functionality that operates under our chain code mechanism.

Data Visualization

In order to make informed decisions, you need to understand your data. We can visualize yours for you, or we can provide our API for visualization in your platform.

Apart from technological risks, the Internet of Things faces a slew of legal issues, including data protection, product liability, and data sovereignty. As more data is involved in IoT, it becomes more difficult to applicable laws in the event of a dispute. For example, who is responsible if a driverless car is involved in an accident? Who is driving the car: the creator, the owner, or the traveler? This is difficult to resolve with an IOT project alone, which necessitates lengthy legal proceedings.

Even though IoT is still in its early stages, security concerns remain a source of concern. With its cutting-edge technologies, blockchain creates more security. Thus, incorporating Blockchain into IoT will unambiguously create an excellent framework that will never be hacked, even if millions of years are spent trying. Blockchain and IoT provide solutions to problems such as single point of failure, scalability, privacy, time stamping, trust, and so on.

Step by step working procedure of our Blockchain enabled IoT Smart home

Provides higher security and trust

Transparent framework in the IoT ecosystem and the use of Smart contract. Easy prompt access to the device. Automatic control without human intervention. No third-party access to your smart devices or your data. Moreover, you have full ownership of your data, and you can sell or use it without limits.

Challenges faced by IoT enabled Smart Home

Step-by-step in our platform.


Register Devices

With our Platform, it will be possible to register all IoT, sensor, and deploy new smart contract in our blockchain.


Data Collection and Preparation

All data are collected directly from the devices and registered and prepare ready to be used on our innovative blockchain and available in our platform.


Smart-contract no co-coding

You can deploy a smart-contract with a user-friendly interface without programming.


Registering data and share

In smart-contract, you can connect the device and share all updates, alarms, notifications, and change status with all your chain (e.g., Insurers, technicians, or other users.)

Features of Prometeo Home

Irrevocable Records

Message notifications

Smart Contract

Once the device installation/ transactions process is updated, nobody can change that records as they’re linked to all transaction record that came ahead(termed as chain). A database record is permanent, chronologically ordered here by deploying several computational algorithms and approaches.

All the associates involved will get notified with notification on our APP or in APP of third-pary if there are any issues in their transaction,. Transactions can be considered as device installation as well

Smart contract is designed with our customized platform having advanced features. Set up alarms and notifications, register events, share with multiple users in blockchain, and write special reports. Moreover, after to registered your devices, they will be your asset, and just you can see and receive data from the sensor.

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