Ikarus Halal improves the transparency of Halal Market

Today, the Halal market is booming due to both an increase in the population of the Muslim faith and an increase in consumers due to the high quality of the products, which is why there is an exponential increase in fraud and counterfeiting, Ikarus Halal helps certifiers to increase trust and transparency for producers.

The Halal industry faces several challenges that impact its growth and credibility. Some of the key challenges include:

Food fraud remains a significant challenge in the Halal industry. Mislabeling or misrepresenting non-Halal products as Halal can lead to consumer distrust and compromise the integrity of Halal certification systems.


Another challenge the Halal industry faces is the lack of food-based standardization. The lack of one set of standards that all countries can follow makes it difficult for producers to know what is required of them. This can lead to confusion and non-compliance.


Supply chain management within any product manufacturing industry basically means managing the entire process of obtaining and using raw materials and specific ingredients needed to produce a product, from the initial procurement stage to the delivery of finished products to customers.
The sources of origin of ingredients, certificates of analysis, production flow charts and other supporting documentation are required, requested and reviewed before proceeding to facility audit inspections to confirm all Halal compliance requirements have been met for final certification.

What is Ikarus Halal ? How can Ikarus resolve the challenges?

  • A farm-to-table food traceability ecosystem where we have traceability & security.
  • A farm-to-table fresh food traceability ecosystem on the blockchain, covering all logistics and food quality activities and supply chain data management.
  • Provides cost-effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent.

Step-by-step in our platform.



Data Collection and Preparation

All data are collected directly from the documents, IoT devices, and test laboratory, on our innovative blockchain and available in our platform.


Prevent Fraud Halal

The regulator receives information about the product's destination, data from IoT, laboratory tests, and positioning in real-time, and with that is possible to prevent fraud.


Client check

With Ikarus, it is possible to create a chain of trust by increasing transparency and allowing the end customer and the Halal body to trace all the information necessary to protect the customer in the choice, the body in the certification, and the manufacturing company from possible fraud or errors.

Qr Issue

QR meat create by the company and send to the regulator halal for following the supply chain.